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Barkhor Street Lhasa


Barkhor Street is the oldest street in Lhasa and runs through the center of the old city, this quadrangle-shaped bustling bazaar surround Jokhang Temple. It's a must-see site for visitors who want to learn about Tibetan culture.

In the 6th century the king of Tibet Songtsen Gampo (617-650 AD) had the Jokhang Temple built in order to house the statue of Sakyamuni, making the temple a sacred place for Tibetan Buddhists. Tibetans walk clockwise around the Jokhang Temple to show their respects to Sakyamuni, Thus Barkhor Street formed as Tibet's "Sacred Way". Each day hundreds of Buddhist pilgrims flow in for pilgrimage, one might be shocked to see some buddhists crawling in full-body to pray the Sakyamuni.     


The Barkhor Street is an ideal place to select your souvenirs.  With all kinds of nifty handmade souvenirs including: prayer flags, prayer wheels, Tibetan paintings, temple bowls, bells, Buddhist statues, leather goods, clothing, accessories (earrings, necklaces, Bangles and purses, just for starters ), Tibetan carpets. A visit to Barkhor Street is certainly educational and fun.

Travel Tips:

1) You'd better ask several vendors and get more information before buying any items. 

2) Ask your guide for the accurate value of the items you are going to buy and learn how to bargain

3) Tibetan knives can NOT be consigned by air.