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Beijing, as a important international arrival hub - is often chosen by worldwide travelers as a popular stop for international flights, hence it becomes a NO.1 gateway city to visit China or Tibet, plenty of flight / train ticket be provided here. Visitors usually spend 3-4 days in Beijing before heading to Tibet. The highlights in Beijing are certainly must-see, you will never miss Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Place, Temple of Heaven, etc. Other night activities such as Peking Opera Show, Kungfu Show, bars, etc. If your time is adequate, you may also add on a Rickshaw tour to visit Beijing's ancient Hutong Alleyways, to know the daily life of local Beijingers.

As for Tibet part, depends on your time, you may choose to visit Lhasa and surroundings, or go further to visit Namtso Lake, or all the way to visit Gyangtse, Shigatse and Everest. Start planning your lifetime Beijing-Tibet tours with TCT travel, we will provide you with the best travel experience possible!

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