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Payment Guide

How to book

Step 1: Send us inquiry to get a quote with 0.5-23.5hrs

Step 2: One on One travel consulting service with one of our travel experts 

Step 3: Free modification and alteration based on your requests

Step 4: You make deposit payment and we start the booking

Step 5: About 1-7 days after the deposit is received, we will send you the 1st version Confirmation Letter

Step 6: About 30 days prior to the tour start date, you need to make the balance payment 

Step 7: After the balance is received, we will send you the 2nd version Confirmation Letter with the updated payment status

Step 8: About 10 days prior to the tour start date, we send you 3rd (final) Confirmation Letter with completed information of tour guides + flights + trains, etc. 

What we need from you for booking 

1) CLEAR and FULL copies of your passport and visa, the bottom numbers of the copies should be visible.  

2) The entry city and departure city names which you will take flight/train in and out of Lhasa. These city names will be written on the permit and not changeable.

3) The detailed info of flight or train in and out of Lhasa, which you may tell us later after your book them.  If you need us to book flight and train for you, please kindly advise.    

4) Your China hotel or residence info for permit delivery, we will post the permit to your hotel front desk or residence, which you may get it 5-7 days prior to the Lhasa arrival date.

5) If you take train into Tibet, you only need a permit copy from us, the original permit is only required for visitors who take flights to Lhasa. 

We accept following payment methods for your convenience, please just choose one which is the most convenient to you:  

Alipay Account

Alipay(支付宝)---only accept RMB


Recipient:    唐振昌

Bank Transfer Account  

Bank Transfer Account 1   (please do NOT transfer RMB to this account)

Bank Name:  Everbright Bank, Guilin Branch

Recipient:  Zhang Bing

Swift Code:  EVERCNBJNN1

Bank Account:  6226 6327 0165 8580

Bank Address:  #75, Qixing Road, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China

Recipient's phone:  +86-18577338850

Recipient's Add:  B1 Lijiangdamei, Xiangshan District, Guilin, Guangxi, China

Bank Transfer Account 2   (please do NOT transfer RMB to this account)

Recipient:   Asia Odyssey Tours & Travel Company Limited 

Bank Name: HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited)

Bank Code: 004 

Account:   801 411315 838 


Address of Bank:  1 Queen's Road Central ,Hongkong

Address of Company: Room 205, Xinongjituan, Jinzhu West Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, China


1) Please do NOT transfer RMB payment to us if you are aboard, because if you use your currency to buy RMB and transfer to us, you get a lower rate from your bank, and the bank on our side will automatically exchange the RMB into USD again, by this way it is double-conversion, which will cause big loss on our side.  So please do not transfer any RMB payment to us. 

2) The transfer fee is not included, you need to cover the transfer fee on your own rather than just deduct the transfer fee from the payment to us, please pay special attention to this. 

3) Due to the restrictions of China, we could not accept the payment from middle-east, middle Europe, Russia, Libya, Syria. Please make sure you are NOT transferring money to us if you are located in these areas. 

Western Union Payment   

Western Union Account

Receiver's First Name:  Bing

Receiver's Last Name:  Zhang

City:  Guilin

Country:  CHINA


1) Western Union is a very fast way for us to get the money, we may receive it within 5 minutes to 3 working days. And it is lower transfer fee than credit card payment

2) The transfer fee is not included, you need to cover the transfer fee on your own rather than just deduct the transfer fee from the payment to us, please pay special attention to this.

3) When transferring the money, please write the correct receiver’s name like---Rui He rather than—He Rui, we could not get money if the name's order is incorrect.

4) Please do NOT pay via Western Union when you are in China, it is no possible for us to get Western Union money if the Western Union payment is made in China. Paying outside of China is no problem.

5) After you send us the money, please kindly send us a scanned copy of the remittance, so that we can check and confirm with you.

PayPal Payment via credit card 

If you have a PayPal account

We will send you the PayPal payment link via email and you can login to your account and click to pay accordingly. Or you can also pay directly to our account from your balance without needing any payment link from us, BUT please do email to let us know after the payment is made. Our PayPal account is:         

If you do NOT have PayPal account

Please do not worry. You can also pay via Credit Card through PayPal. We will send you the PayPal payment link in the email and you can just follow the link to pay accordingly, we do not need any of your credit card information for receiving the payment. For more information about PayPal, please visit


Paypayl via credit card payment is the most efficient and fastest way, we can receive the payment right away after you pay it. But the credit card fee is a little high, and we DO NOT accept PayPal payment for any booking made less than 20 days prior to the arrival.   


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