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Punk is a local Tibetan boy borned in a small village around Mt. Everest area. After graduating from university with a degree in International Tourism Management, Punk always knew he wanted to embark on a career in the travel industry. The degree taught him a lot more about travel than just how to book a flight or hotel, but to help understand the psychological reasons as to why people travel. After graduating he had his tour guide career in 2010, which finally made his dream a reality.  

Punk firstly took groups in Tibet, later on he became a national guide to take local Tibetan groups travel around China. The diversity of China culture and nature fascinates him, and also broaden his horizon. After a few years tour guide career, Punk has obtained enough experience of this industry and started to work for TCT as a travel expert, he does enjoy the job by planning travels & tours for visitors from all parts of the world, our clients have high evaluation of his excellent service.

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