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Ynes Liu

After graduation from university in Chengdu—home of Giant Pands, Ynes was fortunate enough to start one year's travel throughout China and entire Asia. It was here her passion for travel was born. After extensive exploration of these regions, she decided it was time to venture further afield. In 2008 Yenes visited Tibet and Nepal, which was her first taste of the magnitude and breath-taking beauty that is on offer in the highest land of the world. In the lattter years she traveled entire Asia, USA and many european countries to widen her horizon and made a lof of friends worldwide.

Leaving her previous work in marketing behind, Ynes decided to combine her passion for travel with her love of exceeding customer expectations. She is now enjoying spending her days helping other people experience the vast culture and terrains of China and Tibet, and in her opinion, most incredible part of the world.

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