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Namtso Lake


Namtso is the second-largest saltwater lake in China and one of the most beautiful natural sights in Tibet. It is over 70km long, 30km in width. During the Tibetan year of sheep, pilgrims from far away come to walk around the lake, a mission that takes over ten days to complete. 

Dzashi Monastery on Dzashi Peninsula in Namtso  Lake is a sacred place to Buddhists. Thousands of pilgrims travel a long way to worship here on the Tibetan New Year. As a rule, they will walk clockwise along the Namtso Lake in order to receive the blessing of the gods. 


Best Time to See Nameto Lake

June to September is the best time to visit Namtso Lake. yaks, cows and other wild animals leisurely graze around the lake shores; migratory birds fly here to lay eggs and feed the young.  Tibetans take Namtso Lake as the symbol of goodliness and happiness. 


Travel Tips:

  • Ticket for Namtso is RMB120, if you want to have a tour to the Tashi Peninsula, the additional fee is RMB5 per person. 

  • Walking one side of the lake is wise without wasting too much energy, while the best lake view is from a hill just beside the lake.

  • The temperature of day and night are quite different. Evening is cold even in summer time. Taking warm clothes and sleeping bag if you plan to spend a night there.

  • The lake elevation is 4730m so you'll need to acclimatize in Lhasa for a few days before Namtso

  • The road to Namtso will be closed after October due to heavy snow reason. .

  • The Namtso Lake tour can be completed within one or two days by car. While the trekking tour around the lake takes 8-15 days depending on the physical conditions.

  • The accommodation around the lake will be local guesthouses with basic facility only.