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Different Visa Requirments for Tibet Travel
Written on 22nd April 2018

There are 2 different visas for Tibet travel, namely China Visa for China to Tibet route,  Tibet Group Visa for Nepal to Tibet route. Many people could not figure out these 2 visas, here let TCT explain to you in details. 

Visa for Nepal to Tibet 

  • You do not need China visa, but need to spend 3 working days in Kathmandu to get Tibet Group Visa(TGV). 

  • Please firstly confirm your dates with us before booking any flights to and out of Kathmandu, otherwise it might be problem.

  • We also need to know which destination you fly to after Tibet trip, because the destination name will be listed in permit and not changeable

  • We need you Kathmandu hotel name, address, phone number, so that our Nepal worker can get to your hotel to apply TGV for you.  

  • The TGV fee is NOT included, you need to pay our Nepal operator in cash + 2 passport size photos for TGV application.

  • Please install Whatsapp in your phone, so that we can make a group chat to include you, us and our Nepal operator, so that 3 parties can get in touch with each other online to figure things out. 

Visa for China to Tibet 

  • You need to apply China visa in your country beforehand WITHOUT mentioning Tibet, click here for details.  

  • You can send us passport for booking first, and visa can be later when you have it.

  • If the Chinese embassy in your country needs invitation letter from us, please do advise, so that we can send it to you. We need your China arrival date + arrival city name , China departure date + departure city name to make this letter.  

  • We need to know from which Chinese city you take flight/train to Lhasa, and which city you will go to after Tibet, these city names will be written on Tibet permit and NOT changeable, you can only enter Tibet or depart from Tibet from the fixed cities.

  • If you take flight to Lhasa, you need to stay one night in China so that we can post the permit to your hotel there, you need the permit for the flight boarding to Lhasa, we can NOT post the permit abroad.

  • If you take train to Lhasa, we will send you the Tibet permit 4-15 days beforehand, which you need to print TWICE for the train boarding.