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Tibet Visa for Indian Passport Holders
Written on 15th February 2017

There is special historical and religious background between China and India, usually speaking the visitors from Indian are divided into 2 types:

Type A:  Indian Tourists

It means regular indian tourists who travel to Tibet without going to Nagari (Mt.Kalaish) area. 

Type B:  Indian Pilgrims

Indian pilgrim means someone who holds Indian passport and travel to Mt. Kailash for pilgrimage. Even those travellers go to Nagari (Mt.Kalaish) areas without pilgrimage, they will still be considered as pilgrims. 


How do Indian tourists and Indian pilgrims get Tibet visa (Tibet Travel Permit) 

For Indian tourists:

If regular indian tourists coming from China to Tibet, they need to send us China visa + passport copies for Tibet permit application. 

If regular indian tourists coming from Nepal to Tibet, it is no need to apply any other China visa if you are coming from Nepal to Tibet, they only need to provide the passport copy, then we will manage the so called Tibet Group Visa with our Nepal office, once they are in Nepal, our guide will take you the Chinese embassy (located in Nepal) to get the Tibet Group Visa, which you can use for entering Tibet. Please also prepare 3 photos of passport photo size for application use.

For Indian pilgrims:

Indian pilgrim groups traveling to Ngari area have to go to special local operators for a pilgrim tour, there are only 4 travel companies can handle Indian pilgrim groups. Join our pilgrimage group tours, let us handle everything for you. 

How to get to Tibet for Indian pilgrims

Before the 2015 Nepal Earthquake , many pilgrims travel overland from Nepal to Tibet via Zhangmu Border (also called “Kodari border” in Nepal). While after the earthquake, all the overland passes are closed and not yet open, there is no official news of when the borders will be open, but it probably will not be in 2017.  Pilgrims can fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa for the pilgrimage tour from Lhasa, other choices will be fly to China first, then by flight or train to Lhasa. In addition, pilgrims can enter Tibet from Purang, a border nearer to Mt. Kailash, but from Purang border you need to do 3 days trek or take a helicopter to Hilsa and then continue a short bus ride the border for entry.