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Dining Car & Food on Tibet Train
Written on 14th April 2017


On Tibet train, a cooking house and dining car next to the soft-berth sleeper are equipped in order to prepare passengers meals and drinks daily (chargeable). Visitors could enjoy the stunning highland scenery outside the train window while dining. Even in the non-meal service time, you could also buy a beer or tea to kill the time; 

Dinning Car on Tibet Train

Meals offered in Dining Car

The food on Tibet train is a lot more expensive than outside but the quality does not match its cost.  The menu is in written in Chinese and including limited and stable food options. 

Breakfast is usually served with pickles, eggs, bread, milk and coffee (10 RMB/serving) Besides, Vegetable Noodle, Beef Noodle, Steak Noodle are available. 

Lunch and dinner will be served with Chinese and Tibetan cuisine. The cost is around RMB25/per dish, averagely a couple will approximately spend RMB100 for a meal. Food on board is quite expensive but quality is not relevant value. 



As the food in dinning car is expensive, so has some tips for you to save money: 

  • Buy some snacks & fruites & instant noodles from supermarket before boarding the train. There is boiling water available onboard which can be used to make instant noodles. Attention: Some puffed food like chips may expand or even explode due to the high altitude.

  • There are meal trolley, fruite trolley, snack trolley onboard, the train attendants will push the trolley back and forth from time to time (especially during the meal time). A lunch (supper) package with 3 Chinese dish costs onlyRMB25.

  • The train will stop at many stopover stations during the long journey, passengers may also buy snacks & drinks & fruits at the station platform. Please note that the train will only stop for a few minutes in each stop, so keep good timing is requried. You’d better have some small changes for phurchase , the vendors might not have changes if you have a big bills like RMB100. 

Packed food on Tibet Train

Packed food on Tibet Train