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Medical Service & First Aid on Tibet Train
Written on 14th April 2017

Suffering from different level altitude sickness is quite common on the Tibet train, so it is essential to have medical care on the Tibet trains.  The oxygen system produce oxygen and supply to everywhere on the train; And the pipe type oxygen supply is also available for each passenger. 

Even Tibet train is equipped with above oxygen supply facilities to reduce passenger’s reaction to high altitude sickness, some very limited passengers might also get sick due to various reasons, so temporary medical service is provided onboard so that passengers can get timely and effective first aid. Passengers can ask the attendant or press the emergency call button for help at every corner of the train, the experienced attendant will come immediately to help connecting the oxygen tube to the oxygen outlet in the right way.

Clinic on Tibet Train.

All passengers will be required to fill in a health declararation form onbard to ensure a safety trip. In this way, the prevention and the medical service on the train provide passengers for a safety journey.

Please note that it is wise to check with your doctor at home to confirm if you are suitable to take a Tibet tour, it is essential for highland travel.

Health Declaration Form on Tibet Train.png

Oxygen Supply on Tibet Train