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Socket & Plugs & Adaptor for Tibet Train Travel
Written on 14th April 2017

Power is available on all Tibet trains. Each soft sleeper compartment has an outlet under the table of the compartment, which is quite convenient. While each hard sleeper car is only equipped with 2-3 outlets. As the limited outlets and hot demand onboard, so you may have to wait in line for your turn, and the electricity supply will be cut after 22:00pm. 

The outlet is with 220Voltage, each socket has 2 outlet , one is 2 holes and the other is 3 holes, the most frequently used is the 2 holes outlet.  While the 3 holes out is less people use.  

The train only allows passengers to plug in the outlet directly with their electronic devices, it is forbidden to connect the train socket with passenger's personal socket; 

The voltage on the Tibet train might not be stable all the time, which might hurt your electronic products, so if possible, please bring your own mobile electricity supplier instead.  And the signal reception on the train is not stable too, receiving phone call and have internet access could be difficult. 



Electric socket on Tibet train

Electronics vs. Electrical Devices

Before packing, understand the difference between electronics (computer, digital camera charger, DVD player) and electrical devices (hair dryer, electric shaver). Your electronics will likely work with the use of an adapter. To make sure, check the AC power adapter (that big black box that goes between your computer, for example, and the plug in the wall). On the back you'll see some information. Look for "Input". If it says ~100V-240V, you're fine to travel with it all over the world. All you'll need is a wall plug adapter (more about those below). If you're still not sure, you should check online with the manufacturer.  


Your electrical devices are a different story. Your hair dryer, curling iron or electric shaver will require a converter if you're coming from a country that uses 110V (North America, Japan). A converter is a very large implement that converts the input from 220V to 110V for your device. If you don't use a converter, at best, you'll ruin your device. At worst, you'll see fireworks coming out of the wall socket.  If you're bringing your laptop to China, you might not need to use a voltage converter because many laptops are designed to handle 220V electricity. Check your power pack, which should state the amount of voltage your laptop can handle. If you're staying in a mid-level or luxury hotel, your room already might have 110V converter plugs built in.

You may also leave anything that requires a converter at home. Some larger, fancier hotels offer a 110V plug in the bathroom but it usually comes with the warning "for electric shavers only" Nearly all hotels provide hair dryers these days and if you absolutely need other things, like hair curlers, then look for a travel set that doesn't require a converter.

The Accepting Wall Sockets in China

Now to the actual wall sockets. See the photo at the above. This is what most wall sockets look like these days in China. The socket takes a two-prong plug. The prongs must be the same size ("Type A"), although many modern devices with Type A plugs have one wider prong. This type won't fit into a Chinese wall socket and will require an adapter. This socket will also take a "Type C" or "Type F" plug that is standard in Germany. (If you're coming from Europe, all your devices will work - China uses the same voltage.)

The bottom socket in the photo takes "Type I" plugs common in Australia and New Zealand. (All your devices will work if you're coming from Australia/NZ as well as you use the same voltage as China.)


The Accepting Wall Sockets in China

Adapters to Bring or Buy

You can buy adapters before you leave at travel-supply stores and electronic stores. Airports also sell universal adapters, especially in the international departure gate area. But if you don't get one before you go, you'll be able to pick them up easily in China with cheaper price. Your hotel might also supply you one for free during your stay.


passengers can recharge their phones with the power socket in their compartment or the two in the aisle. Hard sleeper coaches have two sockets at the end of the aisle. There is no socket in hard seat carriages, but one is available in the conductor’s cubicle. Passengers are able to recharge their mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs, and electric razors. However, high-power electrical appliances, such as induction cookers and electric cookers, may not be used.

Adapters to Bring or Buy.png