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Soft-berth Sleeper of Tibet Train
Written on 19th March 2017

Soft sleeper compartment is a private compartment with 2 upper and 2 lower berths. A door separates the compartment from the aisle. The soft sleeper berth is softer, safer and slightly bigger berth than hard sleeper. 

Soft Sleeper Cabin on Tibet Train

There are 2 lower berths and 2 upper berths in each cabin. Usually, the lower berths are more convenient for passengers to get in and out, and the lower berths are closer to the window, passengers can have a better view angle than from the upper berth. But Top berths are more securing 

Tibet Train Soft Sleepers

To certain passengers especially femal passengers, as the door is locked on soft sleeper compartment, so it might be a bit strange feeling  to share the compartment with other males passengers. While hard sleeper compartment is in an open area, give you less strange feelings.

Tibet Train Soft Sleepers

In additional to a peaceful private space, passengers can also enjoy the 8-channel flat-screen TV and remote-control devices to regulate temperature at soft sleeper class. All comes to be the first class in the sky track. 

There are 4 reading lights and oxygen outlets berth, passengers can enjoy leisure time on the way without any worries about high altitude sickness.

Soft sleeper cabin on Tibet Train

Luggage has to be kept in the cabin with limited storage space. You can put your luggage up above a ledge that above the door, or put your suitcase (in an average size) down below the bottom bunk.


Luggage Storage on Tibet Train