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Facility Introduction of Tibet Train
Written on 14th April 2017

Taking a train to Lhasa, Tibet is a lifetime experience, it allows visitors to enjoy the highland views in a leisure pace. But what a Tibet train looks like?  what facilities inside the Tibet train?  Here TCT is going to introduce you with more Tibet train info. 

Hot Water Supply on Tibet Train

Facilities on Tibet Train

  • A hot water heater is available in each carriage (for seats) or each compartment (for sleepers).

  • One thermos per carriage (for seats) or per compartment (for sleepers) is foreseen.

  • The toilet is at the end of each carriage. It is the squat type, without toilet paper.Washbasins are inside and outside the toilet.A dustbin is near the washbasins (for all) or under the table (for sleepers).

  • The area between two carriages is smoking area, although not always allowed anymore.

  • Fire extinguishers are also at one end of the carriage (for all).

  • Vendors run up and down the aisles to sell drinks and snacks (fruit, instant noodles, cookies, …)

Dinning Car on Tibet Train

Air-Conditioning in Tibet Train

Actually all Tibet trains are air-conditioned, not only passengers need an comfortable envirment when appreciateing the highland scenery, but also the train itself needs to keep certain temperature so as to pass through the harsh mountainous area of Qinghai Tibet railway. 

Altitude Display on Tibet Train

Altitude will be displayed on each cabin in Tibet train, passengers can see clearly of the altitude statics of the train journey. The screen will show 3 languages of English, Chinese and Tibetan. 

Altitude Display on Tibet Train

Bathroom and Toilet on Tibet Train

There are two toilets available at the end of each car. On one side is an Asian toilet and on the other side is a Western toilet. Over all they are kept clean and toilet paper is available. There are neat bathrooms and sink areas in the Tibet train. The attendants always keep the sink areas reasonably clean. Each sink area is equipped with three sinks which have the push type water faucet. The sink areas are always busy in the morning because it is shared by 32 people. It is better to buy a towel at a supermarket before you get on the train, there is no toiletries and hygiene supply on Tibet train.

Bathroom and Toilet on Tibet Train

Bathroom and Toilet on Tibet Train