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Differences of Tibet Private tour & Tibet Group Tour
Written on 20th October 2017

For visitors travel to Tibet, you need to know that there are mainly 2 types of tours available, they are Tibet private tour, Tibet group tours.  Here we are going to guide you more of the differences of these 2 types of tours. 

Tibet Group Tour:

  • Cheaper in price

  • Fixed itinerary

  • Shared Tibetan guide and vehicle

  • Fixed airport/train station pickups and drop-offs

  • Hotel is fixed, but we can exclude hotels for your own booking

  • Group size is 12 persons at maximum, but mostly 4-8 persons

  • Fixed 5-10 arrival dates in a month, or book 90 days ahead we can set up the tour based on your timeframe


Tibet Group Tours

Tibet Private Tour:

  • Higher in price

  • Flexible itinerary and fully customizable

  • Private Tibetan guide and private vehicle

  • Flexible airport/train station pickups and drop-offs

  • Hotel is flexible to meet your standards

  • The tour is just for you, NO other visitors will join in

  • Flexible arrival date, fully customizable to meet your time frame



Tibet Private Tours

Should i choose a Group Tibet Tour or Private Tibet Tour ?

  • If you are 1 to 3 person's group and in a budget, you can join in the group tour for great value

  • If you are 3+ person's group, you may consider private tour for better quality and more flexible services, usually if you are more than 4 persons, the private tour price sill be same or even less than group tour



Can I travel Tibet alone? 

Independent travel without guide and driver is strictly prohibited in Tibet since the riots in March 2008. And Tibet has been annually closed in every March since then. You should book a tour with the local travel agency for the arrangement of the Tibet travel permit + tour guide + vehicle, otherwise you will not be able to enter Tibet.


Can i walk around in Tibet during my free days? 

Yes if you have 1-2 free days in Tibet, you can walk around the street on your own without guide.  BUT you are not allowed to visit any tourist attractions if without the guide's company, otherwise the travel agent will be seriously punished by government. So please never try to visit any thing if without guide. 

A case is that 10 years ago, a Germany visitor joined a group to Tibet, but he left the group and hide in a monastery with monk's help, the local policeman and travel agent spent a lot of effort to find him after 1 month later, the tour guide since then was fired and forbidden to work as a guide, and the travel agent was fined with a huge sum of money and almost bankrupt. So please take this seriously and follow the regulation.



Can you arrange the Tibet permit without tour? 

The answer is NO. Tibet Travel Permit is only granted to visitors who have booked a tour with local travel company, the travel company will be responsible to all your behaviours in Tibet. But you may book hotel on your own.  Read more.