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How to Get to Tibet
Written on 20th October 2017

Located at the roof of the world, Tibet is mysterious and remote from mainland China, but this wonderland is never lack of visitors, with the modern transportation of trains and flights, a lot of visitors from home and aboard rushed in to discover it is real culture and scenery. But how to reach Tibet has been a question to many visitors, here TCT will provide you with the most specific guide for this topic. 

Generally speaking there are 3 ways to reach Tibet, we will show you one by one in details:

Flight to Tibet

Flight travel is certainly the most convenient way to visitors, but the disadvantage is that you will not be able to see the scenery along the Qinghai Tibet railway, but still flight travel is chosen by 60% of our visitors. Currently visitors can take flight to and out of Tibet from these cities:


Flight to Tibet

Train to Tibet

Taking train to Tibet is a bit difficult to many visitors as the Tibet train ticket is usually hard to guarantee in peak season (Jul to Aug) and too long ride (usually 40 hours). Due to the limited tickets and hot demand, travel agencies have to pay high booking fee to special ticket-booking agent so as to guarantee the tickets, it is not much cheaper than flight, sometimes even more expensive.  So it is chosen by 30% of our clients.  So far victors can take train from following cities:


Train to Tibet

Highway to Tibet (Overland to Tibet)

So far there are 4 highways available for vehicles to Tibet, but only 2 are available to foreign visitors, there are: 

Taking a 4WD or Van from Nepal (Kathmandu) to Tibet is a popular way among visitors, by doing this route you do NOT need any China visa from your home country, instead you will need to a so called Tibet Group Visa (TGV) from the Chinese embassy located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Check more Tibet Group Visa


Overland to Tibet