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Insurance you should buy for Tibet travel
Written on 12th April 2017

It is compulsory that travel company must have travel agencies' liability insurance, but this is the company level insurance and only compensate for important accidents caused by the travel company's fault or negligence. So traveling with TCT , you are required to buy your own personal travel insurance to cover the trip delay, trip cancellation, emergency evacuation, injury, etc.  

What insurance visitors should buy

Travel insurance is a good idea — most travelers like the peace of mind of having their bases covered in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Especially when your tour includes some remote areas likes Tibet. Although we take all precautions to prevent you from any possible danger, there are still safety problems out of our control arising sometimes. We strongly advise you to purchase your own insurance as the complement of the tour insurance provided by our company.

Even though we also buy insurance for every of our clients, but the Chinese insurance company is not that reliable, so we highly suggest you to buy insurance before coming to China and Tibet.  Keep in mind that Tibet is a remote location, and if you become seriously injured or very sick, you may need to be evacuated by air. Under these circumstances, you don’t want to be without adequate health insurance. Be sure your policy covers evacuation.  As you can imagine, there's a wide range of options.  You can find any combination of travel insurance plans and providers to cover you for a variety of risks including:

Cancellation Coverage:

which reimburses you if you cancel your trip due to illness, death in the family, or some other unforeseen delay or events (e.g., airline strike, Icelandic volcano, etc). it is highly recommended! 

Medical/Emergency Coverage:

Can include everything from covering hospital/dental bills to emergency evacuation to accidental death and dismemberment policy.

Luggage Coverage:

Covers you if your baggage/property is stolen or lost.

Evacuation Coverage:

This is especially important when you travel to remote areas of China, such as Tibet, Yunnan, etc. 

Some things to keep in mind

Before you buy any travel insurance, check to see what you’re covered for under your existing homeowners or medical policy.  For instance, BlueCross BlueShield actually has worldwide network providers in Hong Kong and Beijing. Similarly, credit cards also provide a lot of travel-related services that most travelers don’t know about.

Determine your exact needs first.  Travel insurance has gone from one-size-fits-all to a la carte so you’ll have a lot of flexibility to customize your plan.

Read the fine print.  For instance, some plans don’t cover high-risk activities such as certain adventure sports & activities (or will charge higher rates to include them). Also, many policies won’t cover you if you did something bone-headed while you were drunk.

Consider only “evacuation insurance.”  If you get sick or injured, you’ll be flown home or to whatever nearby medical facility your insurer deems necessary.  For example, American Express’ Global Travel Shield offers an annual plan at about $60.

With the research of the best travel insurance providers, we found this great site, Travel Insurance Review — an independent, objective blog with reviews and other resources:  Also, we’ve heard many good things about World Nomads: