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Lhasa-Kathmandu Overland or Reverse ?
Written on 28th February 2018

The Gyirong border is just open at the end of Aug 2017, many visitors want to travel overland between TIbet and Nepal, but which route is the best?  Let our experts tell you more. 


Overland from Kathmandu to Everest or Lhasa 

If you come from Kathmandu to Tibet overland, it will be a bit risky or dangerous, becuase Kathmandu is only 1370m in elevation, then you will get to Gyirong border (2600m) for 1 night only, and then suddenly get to Everest base camp(5200m), you will not have enough time to acclimatize before reaching the highest 5200m elevation, and worse is there is almost NO medical facility around at Everest base camp, which will be really dangerous unless you are really fit.

Overland from Kathmandu to Mt. Kailash

For those who want to do Kathmandu to Mt.Kailash overland tour, it is same dangerous, the altitude in Kathmandu is quite low and Mt. Kailash area is 4000+ meters, it will not be any medical facility during the 3 days mount Kailash pilgrimage trek, so it is always better to start the trip from Lhasa and reach mount Kailash gradually. 

What is the Safest Way

The safest way is to do Lhasa to Kathmnadu overland tour, which is more reasonable route for altitude acclimatization, firstly spend 3 or more nights in Lhasa(3600m) for acclimatization, then going higher to Shigatse(3900m) for another night, then reach Everest(5200), after that to Gyirong border(2600m) for 1 night, and next day reach Kathmandu(1370m). So overall speaking, it is better to fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa first, and taking overland tour to Everest or Mount Kailash, finally reaches Kathmandu.  Or you can simply fly from Kathmandu to Tibet, then after the tour fly back to Kathmandu. 

Sample Iitnerary

Here we have 2 sample itineraries for your reference, it could be tailor made to make it longer or shorter, hope this helps your planning.