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TIBET FOOD TOUR – A Special Collaboration between Mark Wiens and Travel China Tibet
Written on 10th December 2019

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Mark Wiens and Travel China Tibet spent 9 days traveling around Tibet to taste some of the local Tibetan cuisine.

Trying the local cuisine is an important part of any travel experience.  There’s no better way to learn about Tibetan culture than by tasting authentic Tibetan dishes and learning about the history and significance of their food.

To bring our travelers a new perspective on Tibet travel and food, TCT has teamed up with Mark Wiens, a world traveler who makes amazing food and travel videos on YouTube.   Mark has a talent for seeking out the interesting and unique foods of different cultures.  This special Tibet food tour has been captured on photo and video.  Mark will be releasing a series of Tibet food videos on his YouTube channel: Migrationology with Mark Wiens.  

Please check out Mark's Tibet videos!  Here are the links to Mark’s Video on his YouTube Channel: 

Street Food in Tibet - ULTIMATE TIBETAN FOOD TOUR + Amazing Potala Palace in Lhasa!

Huge Tibetan Food - 11 Traditional Dishes in Lhasa, Tibet!

4,500 Meter VILLAGE FOOD - Heavenly Yamdrok Lake, Tibet!

Tibetan Food in Shigatse - TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST in Tibet!

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Significance of the Project

Tibet has a colorful and charming culture and history.  As the region continues to develop changes in the way of life of the local Tibetans are inevitable.  Our goal was to capture and document some of the traditions in Tibetan food culture that have remained unchanged for centuries.  In the process we ate many tastey dishes and met some wonderful people.

How to Find Out More

In addition to Mark’s YouTube videos, TCT has also posted some pictures of the food and behind the scenes footage on our Facebook and Instagram pages: @travelchinatibet.

How to Join a Tibet Food Tour

If you have any questions about joining a Tibet Food Tour or about Tibet travel, please reach out to us.  You may send an email to or leave us a message on Facebook or Instagram.  One of our travel advisors will happily assist you.

Our Other Tibet Tours

Food tours are only one of the many types of tours that we offer.  We have a variety of tours such as spiritual, meditation, family, adventure, senior, biking, and hiking tours.  For travelers who are looking for a different kind of travel experience please share your ideas and travel plans with us.  We specialize in custom tours for Tibet, China, Bhutan, and Nepal.  We can definitely help you arrange an itinerary based on your interests. 

We also offer a wide range of join in group tours for our budget travelers and custom tours for travelers who want the most flexibility.  You can also check out the itineraries for our most popular Tibet Group Tours and Private Tibet Tours.

Please contact us at any time if you help with your Tibet travel plans.

We hope to see you in Tibet!