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Self Driving Tour to Tibet
Written on 22nd January 2020

Why Travel to Tibet

China holds 1.4 billion people and 56 different groups, the majority is Han Chinese, which takes for 92% of the total population, rest of 55 ethnic minority groups takes only 8% of the total population. While among all minority groups in China, Tibet is certainly one of the top destination in many people’s travel list. With the name the "Roof of the World" , Tibet is a snow covered plateau with highest altitude in the world, naturally speaking, there are majestic Everest, holy Mountain Kailash, sacred lakes such as Yamdrok Lake, Namtso Lake, Lake Manasarovar, etc. Culturally speaking Tibet owns mysterious Tibetan Buddhism and unique Tibetan culture, also trying local Tibetan food is a unforgettable experience.  

How to Travel to Tibet

There are multiple ways to travel around Tibet, by flight to Tibet, by train to Tibet, drive your own vehicle to Tibet or rent vehicle in Tibet. In this article we want to focus on info of driving your own vehicle around Tibet. 

Self Driving Routes to Tibet

If you are driving your own vehicle to Tibet, you may consider going from Western Sichuan to Tibet (Kham Tibet region), Qinghai to Tibet (Amdo Tibet region), Xinjiang to Tibet, Yunnan to Tibet. 

Why Self Driving to Tibet

For those who want to explore more about Tibetan regions and get closer to the snow-caped peaks of Himalayas, self-driving journey will meet your standard properly, it will take you to visit the remote/hidden Tibetan villages/ towns, the majestic Everest and amazing highland lakes, grassland and wild animals. Which is hard to experience for those travelers who are taking a regular tour. 


How to Organize Self Driving to Tibet

It is expensive and complicated, not possible for you to do it alone, you need to find a agent to get various permits for you, and the travel agent will arrange a guide accompanying you throughout the trip. Here is a detailed article telling you step by step of how to organize the trip, hope it helps your planning: