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8 Best Photography Sites in Lhasa, Tibet
Written on 20th October 2017

Many people complained that TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet have very limited information for Lhasa photography, what they have in the guide books are all about the Potala Square, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street and Yaowang Mountain viewing platform, are there any more locations for good photos?  Certainly Yes!  Professional photographers usually want to avoid the crowds and bright lights, which is quite different from normal visitors. As a tour guide who used to work for photography tours, I fully understand their needs and have listed some best photographing site for all picture loves, you will love them! 

No. 1   Pabengang  (帕邦喀宫)

Pabengang is a palace on the giant rocks, from where you can have panoramic views of Lhasa Old Town and Potala Palace. Pabenggang is one of the monasteries forgotten by visitors, but never lack of pilgrims. 

Pabengang is rich in legends and myths, it was used to be the meditation and living place of the ancient Tibetan king and his princess.


1)You can go to Pabenggang after the debate at Sera Monastery

2)It is about 900m walking away from the hill foot of Pabengang, and from the hill foot to the Pabengang is only 3km good paved road.    

3)It is ok to visit by taxi, biking, public bus (No.16, No.20)



No. 2   Lalu Wetland  (拉鲁湿地)

The Lalu wetland reserve is located just north of Lhasa. It is the largest and highest natural wetland in the world, covering 12.2 square kilometers, and is an important part of a unique landscape that also includes the sacred Potala Palace. Together the two exhibit an awe-inspiring combination of culture and nature.   It is a good location site for the sunset views of Potala Palace, the palace, the plantations and the water form an amazing picture. 

Tip: You can rent bike in the city, the Lalu Wetland is only 1km distance from the city, and after the photo at Lalu Wetland, you can keep riding 6km to reach Pabengbang



No. 3   Theater of Princess Wencheng  (文成公主剧场)

The theater lies in the southern bank of Lhasa River, it is a good place to photograph the sunrise and sunset views of southeast side of Potala Palace, and most important is has the Lhasa River in front.  


No. 4   Laoyufanju Restaurant  (老鱼饭局)

Laoyufanju Restaurant is absolutely the best place in Lhasa to photograph the sunset and night views of Potala Place. It is located on the top floor of the Lhasa Pingcuo Youth Inn,  

Tips: This restaurant is good view but food is common taste. 


No. 5   Yaowang Mountain Viewing Platform  (药王山观景台)



No. 6  Potala Square  (布达拉广场)


No. 7  Jokhang Temple  (大昭寺)

Jokhang Temple is a good place to witness the Buddhist culture and atmosphere, there are pilgrims 24 hours, praying and circling around the Buddha statues is common scene here.  



No. 8  Barkhor Street  (八廓街)

Barkhor Street is a shopping place, and also a good location to create Tibetan culture photos with the Tibetan shops, restaurants around, and the locals passing by, everything is really Tibetan, it could not be found elsewhere. 



Lhasa Sunrise Time

Here below is a table of the sunrise and sunset times in Lhasa City, for more info, please kindly inquire: for details.