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The Beijing-Lhasa Train, number Z21, was launched in July, 2006.  This great railway between Beijing and Lhasa takes passengers from Northwestern China to the far Southwestern Tibetan Plateau for a lifetime Tibet tour. The Beijing to Lhasa train was one of the 3 initial railway routes operating on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.  The Beijing-Lhasa Train stretches 3,757 km all the way to Lhasa, crossing 8 provinces with 1,956 km running on the world's highest Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The total train ride is about 40 hours from Beijing to Lhasa.  The return train from Lhasa to Beijing is train number Z22. 


Trains Running Between Beijing and Lhasa


The Z21 Beijing to Lhasa Train departs daily from Beijing West Railway Station at 20:00 and arrives at Lhasa Railway Station at 12:26 in the afternoon on the third day.  The duration of the train ride is 40 hours and 26 minutes.  There are 8 midway stops between Beijing and Lhasa, including Shijiazhuang North, Taiyuan, Zhongwei, Lanzhou, Xining, Delingha, Golmud and Nagqu.


The return train from Lhasa to Beijing is train number Z22, which departs daily from the Lhasa Railway Station at 16:15 and arrives at Beijing West Railway Station 8:28 in the morning on the third day.  The duration of the train journey is 40 hours and 13 minutes. 


What You Can Expect on Beijing to Lhasa Train

It is an unforgettable experience to start the Tibet tour from Beijing by train.  En route, you will enjoy the great contrast of marvelous landscapes.  The snow capped mountain ranges, turquoise plateau lakes, graceful Tibetan antelopes, grazing yaks, and vast grasslands create spectacular landscape paintings that flash by like an animation film through your train window.   You can relax in your train cabin and enjoy the fascinating geography of the Tibetan Plateau as the train zips towards Lhasa, where you will start a memorable Tibet adventure. 


How to Book Beijing to Lhasa Train Tickets

Travelers have the option of booking train tickets by themselves or through a Tibet travel agency that is arranging your Tibet tour, like  Booking through an agency is the best way to secure tickets because if you book in advance we can make arrangements with our ticket agent to reserve your train tickets.  You should book tickets at least 30 days in advance, but to increase your chances of getting the tickets that you want send us your travel dates online as soon as possible.  When you book train tickets and arrange a Tibet Tour with us, we guarantee a free Tibet Travel Permit.  Feel free to conact us for a free quote or if you have any questions regarding the Beijing Lhasa Train and traveling to Tibet.

Important Notes: 

1) The train schedule is for reference only.  Times are subject to change by the railway company.  Always refer to the exact times printed on your train ticket.

2) The ticket prices below are the net rate for reference only, the actual booking price may be higher.  Ticket prices depend on the season and during peak season we have to pay high booking fees to our special ticket agent.  Please contact us directly for the most accurate quote for your travel dates.

3) Currently the demand for Tibet Train tickets exceeds the limited number of tickets available.  The Tibet Train is very popular with both domestic and foreign visitors.  It is extremely difficult to 100% guarantee the train tickets of your choice especially during the peak season of Tibet Train travel, which is from June to October.  However, in the event that your first choice is not available, we will coordinate with you and suggest alternatives, such as choosing another gateway city.




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